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Energy Deal Welcomes Alinta Energy

“Energy Deal is excited to announce that Alinta Energy has joined our panel of retailers – offering Energy Deal customers even greater choice”.

Alinta Energy supplies natural gas and electricity to 700,000 homes and businesses throughout Australia. Alinta Energy employs 780 people in 14 locations across Australia and New Zealand.
Alinta Energy began retailing gas as AlintaGas in Western Australia in 1995. As a result of numerous mergers and acquisitions over the years, AlintaGas became a diverse energy company with operations, investments and power generation assets dating back to 1941. Operating nine power stations across Australia and New Zealand, managing fuel sources and transportation, and ensuring competitive prices through their wholesale market operations. To better represent the scope of their business, AlintaGas became Alinta Energy in 2010. Alinta Energy is now the new retailer of energy in Victoria and South Australia. The future will see Alinta Energy expland into other regions throughout Australia.

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    “BEST WISHES” ..!!

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