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Labour Boost

ONE of the fastest growing companies in Fiji plans to further increase its staff numbers next year, creating 200 new positions for Fijians.

Packleader Pacific celebrated its first anniversary yesterday at its office in Laucala Beach Estate and plans to push employment figures well past the 500 mark.

The company’s general manager, Luke Wyley, said they employed 341 staff members and looked forward to hiring 60 more people from next week.

“We have been fortunate to be able to welcome back the majority of the 100 odd staff members that were made redundant when Oceania Customer Interactive Services (OCIS) closed in April last year,” he said.

“Over the 12 months that Packleader has been operational in Fiji, we have seen exceptional growth.”

Packleader Group is a diversified services company with interests in energy, energy efficiency, telecommunications and collections.

It also provides integrated customer-solutions and is well-known in Australia with their energy deal and Green Home Green Planet brands.

“We are very pleased with the way things are progressing but certainly have a fair way to go such as doubling our size within the next 12 months,” Mr Wyley said.

He said they had started a new accounting firm and employed about 10 accountants.


One thought on “Labour Boost”

  1. Maisea Tukua says:

    Thanks to “TEAM WORK” – from Hardworking Senior Team Leaders, Team Leaders & mostly Agents..!!
    and also “SUPER SACRIFICE” – from the Management & Leadership Team..!!

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